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Chapter Two


Foot Notes for Chapter Two. ^__^


1. Makura is a Japanese pillow, much more firm than the western counterpart, as it’s filled with rice or beans instead of cotton or feathers. They give me a neck ache, but my twin loves them, so I guess whether you like it varies from person to person. Yep, Naruto was sleeping on a futon! He was in the traditional style room, called “washitsu,” because he and Kakashi live in a small house with only one bedroom . Hopefully from the story you understood the description (tatami floor, shrine to one side, Japanese style closet for Naruto to put his futon in etc.), so I don’t need to go into that.

More Washitsu and Shrine picturess.

Fancy Washitsu
This is an example of a washitsu. It's a bit fancier than Kakashi and Naruto would have.

2.Itadakimasu is almost like saying grace before you eat, but there’s no religion in it, and everyone does it. Loosely put, the general meaning is something like “thank you for this meal,” though the word is the polite verb form of itadaku, which is along the lines of receive. Gochisousama is it’s counterpart, said at the end of the meal. It literally means something like “it was a feast,” but it basically means “thank you” and “I enjoyed your meal.”

3. The Japanese School Year is a bit different from the age-old system set by farmers’ schedule as in America. For Japanese students, for one, there’s only a week to a week and a half break between school years- which start in April, and about a month-long vacation starting in mid-July.

In Japan, there are no hired custodians to clean the school, that job is done by everyone, most notably students. Naturally, no one wants to clean the toilet, but usually it’s not reserved for punishment; it’s normal for classes to be divided into groups that alternate what job you have. For one week you might be sweeping the stairs, and for another you might have to clean the classroom. Generally speaking, teachers don’t punish students; they lecture and call their parents. But I figure that Iruka knows Naruto well enough to understand that both get home really late, therefore that choice of action wouldn’t be very effective. Or maybe he’s just like a second parent to Naruto.

4. Er, sorry to make you suffer through math during the summer, but I need to study for tests. The Pi thing is either in Trigonometry or PreCalculus, though I learned it in Pre. Calc, I don’t know when Japanese students would learn about unit circles in terms of radians. If anyone catches any unintentional mistakes, please let me know, without telling my math teacher, please. Thanks! ^_~

For the sole purpose of having Sasuke and Naruto in the same class, without putting them in the same homeroom, I’m saying this school is weird and let six students who tested above their class be moved a year ahead. That’s highly unlikely, but it works for the story.

5. Not sure anyone noticed the class ranking thing, but yes, Japanese students are ranked according to how well the score on certain exams. Naruto is probably in the last 10% in everything, and Sasuke and Sakura are likely in the top, somewhere. Usually, classes are only seated by class rank for tests, and any other time the teacher either puts things at random, or alphabetical.

6. Naruto’s math skills. You guys don’t really have to tell me it’s out of character to make Naruto actually good at something as presumably difficult as math. I know it’s not suggested by the author, but I felt he need to defend Naruto’s intelligence. Masashi Kishimoto had him good at tactics- when poor Naruto didn’t think about it, anyway, only Naruto doesn’t have that option in this AU. Also, those who’re good at tactics tend to be good at math, just like people who do well in music tend to be good at math, too. Something to do with rythms, and counting...

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