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This is Meghan's page. Be thankful to her for being nice enough to type out our measley translations, edit the pages so it's nice and clear, resize things, upload, etc. etc. So, say thanks!! She might get the next one done faster.

Warnings: doujinshi translated are intended for a mature audience, and all featured doujinshi have a YAOI or Shonen Ai ("boy love." Refers to "soft" romance with just kisses instead of sex) flavor. The doujinshi may contain age inappropriate information for children under the age of 15. View at your discretion.

The original:

Meghan's website, Gokujou Doujinshi.

The second one:

Gokujyou Naruto Doujinshi

Please do not dirrect link to any doujinshi, or use these anywhere else without my permission. I (and sometimes Taes) spent a lot of my free time translating them.



WARNING: pages on this site may contain inappropriate content for children under the age of 15. Browse at your discretion.


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