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Chapter Three

The third addition!!


1.-kun The suffix “kun” is not only for boys. I had this explained to me by my host-dad. He said that “kun” is attached to a person’s name that is below the standing of the speaker, that is to say, an inferior. It is most commonly used with small children, or childhood friends. Itachi is not using “kun” to say he likes Naruto. He’s rubbing it in his face that he’s older, richer, and of higher social standing than Naruto.


2. The Doll Story. In case you forgot, Naruto vaguely referenced this story during the previews of Spiderman. My twin brother told this story to a third-grade me (and our older sister), much to our utter enjoyment. He has a tendency to tell us creepy, creepy stories on dark, rainy nights. These stories involve eyeballs, rain, murder and other weird things to scare us all witless. The last time he did this was when the electricity was out, and it was pouring rain and lightning like crazy. There were candles. It was dark. He had to tell us a story about a little blind kid who murders his family and will murder you if you look out the window. There are a lot of windows in our house.  Anyway. My family is crazy.



3. Morning Musume is a pop group in Japan. They’re made up of about . . .  a whole flock of girls. Most of them are elementary students, or middle school, but there are two high school students among their numbers. They’re very . . . pop-music. I don’t like their music. It annoys me. That’s all I remember.

This picture is copyrighted to Morning Musume, and whoever has their contracts. From their homepage.

4. UchiWA and Uchiha. Uchiha is Sasuke’s last name. Uchiwa is the red-

circle-thing on a white stick featured on all Uchiha merchandise. It is an Uchiwa. An uchiwa is a fan. You use it to make yourself cool. I suspect this is the Uchiha emblem because Kishimoto is like Toriyama (the DBZ creator) and likes to put weird symbolism in everything (so, I guess I’m like both of ‘em...). And as Trek mentioned, the uchiwa is spelled with the hiragana symbol “ha” (は ), which is pronounced like the character “wa” () sometimes—usually when it functions as a grammar thing. But it’s pronounced “wa” in Uchiwa...I just didn’t spell it “Uchiha” because I figured someone would say the two the same.

Also, the name “Uchiha” is incredibly similar to “Uchida.” That’s an old samurai name—very honorable, very old sounding.

Taise got this from somebody at a festival of some sort. It's too big to fit on the scanner.

5. Takoyaki is really famous where my brother was in Japan (Hatsukaichishi, Hiroshima). They’re little dumplings with octopus tentacles in the middle. It’s chewy. I like it. It has good sauce. What more can I say? Besides that Naruto is just weird for making the connection between Dr. Oc and food. But since I’m the one who wrote about it, does that make me weird? Don’t answer that.

From: http://www.wahei.co.jp/mein-web/kitchen/yakiyaki.html

6. The entrance to Naruto’s house resembles my host parent’s house. All Japanese houses will have a step up to the actual floor, to prevent it from getting dirty. That makes it hard to forget to take off your shoes! The proper way to leave your shoes is to do exactly what Naruto did, and face them in the direction you’d leave. But most people don’t do that anymore.


Entranceway. Fairly common.

7. Onigiri  is a rice ball.. They eat it. It’s very simple. You can put lotsa stuff in it. See chapters to come with Naruto’s crazy experiments . . . and tea. They drink it. What else can I say? Oh yeah, the cups. They have no handles. They’re usually pretty small. They are approximately three inches tall, and two and a half inches in diameter.  Japanese people usually make their tea with tealeaves, rather than bags. You drink the tea leaves. Thus, green tea you’d drink in Japan and green tea you’d drink anywhere else usually taste very different. Japanese green tea is strong. Other green teas are weak and diluted and generally nasty.

Onigiri with nori: seaweed.
http://www.midorino-ohkoku.com/know/yoikome_main.html. A japanese rice page... selling it, I think.

More tea and onigiri pics.

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