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Something of Love: Ai no Koto



Be wary of angst.

Be wary of sexual implications.

Be wary of implied violence and prejudices.


Ai starts out "soft" (minus the prologue), but it isn't a story you want to read if you're not liking the warnings.


Fanfiction.net summary:

Love is no choice. It takes you, swallows you whole, and never gives anything back. Two lovers learn what love is as their lives spiral out of control. 


Working summary:

When second year students Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke clash at a summer festival, a sense of rivalry is begun. Fate continuously throws the two boys together, and they are forced to push aside their dislike. They must look at one another with new eyes.

In the months that follow, both Uchiha and Uzumaki are forced to make difficult decisions-- decisions that are unheard of in a small city in northern Japan. While the two attempt to find a place in the other's heart, a serpent looks towards one young Uchiha.

With eternity set in their eyes, the boys look forward, to dreams.


(Someone else wanna take a stab at this "summary" thing?)

Prelude, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

As you may have noticed, updates have stalled. There are more recent (and edited) chapters
Something of Love: Ai no Koto



My Sasuke

Summary: There’s a car crash. Sasuke goes insane. . .


Disclaimer: I didn’t ever say Naruto’s mine. He’s Kishimoto’s (and so is the

                    series). But the writing is a gift to Taise, so it’s  his now.

Warnings: Insane people, trauma, some blood and gore. Rated PG-13 for

                  implied themes.

My Sasuke

Blooms of Fire

Burning (oh so) brightly

tracing the fire

everything goes black

waiting arms

killing sunlight


forgetting reason


Click to read this complete story


Snippet to entice you:

So that’s how I wound up sitting at a little table-- barely two feet in diameter—across from the kid who’d tried to sell me porn earlier.



Freedom's edge

Zabuza's feelings towards Haku begin to change when he meets Kakashi. ZabuHaku, KakaZabu, Haku Sasuke. AU. Complete.


Requiem of the Leaf

Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto are sentenced to an unusual sort of community service when they carelessly complete a mission. Gen fic i.e. no romance. Complete.



This is the reward fic for XiaoBai. She drew me an amazing picture, and as the holder of first place, she gets a reward fic.

Summary: Falling higher, rising lower, the demonic and angelic representatives, Naruto and Sasuke, find themselves in unexpected places. AU. Yaoi. SasuNaru. Language. Demon Naruto, angel Sasuke.


red and grey

Neji knows that Sasuke is being abused, but what will he do about it? AU NejiSasu, ItaSasu hints. Complete.


Old fictions for Gundam Wing...'cause I don't have anywhere to put 'em...

AU. Old story.

AU. Old story... "Dream of the Awakening."


Other information

Sometimes, I’ll bet everyone wonders why it is I have so many footnotes/editing notes/rants on stories. There is a simple answer, but that wouldn’t make sense to a lot of people. So, I’ll just try to keep it short, ne?


I’m curious. I want to know why it is people write the way they do, and what their writing process is like. If they do any prewriting, I wanna know what kind they did, and what kind of editing their stories go through. I love it when my favorite published authors include notes on how they write, but so far that’s only been Neil Gaiman—specifically in how he writes a comic. So, because I figure there’s at least one person who cares why I do what I do, I’m uploading a bit of my editing. When Ai is done, I’ll upload my prewriting—with lots of weird questions for myself and blurb answers. Those have quite a few spoilers, though, so I’m not doing that ‘till  I finally finish Ai.


Chapter 1 Footnotes

Chapter 2 Footnotes

Chapter 3 Footnotes

Chapter 4 Footnotes

Chapter 5 Footnotes

Chapter 6 Footnotes

Chapter 7 Footnotes

Chapter 8 Footnotes

Chapter 13 footnotes

The Second Movement

Chapter 1 Footnotes


More fun stuff...

Story Outline

Explanation of Italics

Editing Ai

What Goes Into Writing

The MOST Fun stuff!!!

Ai no Koto fanART

To come when Ai is done:
Itachi's perspective...either on a specific part, or an overview.
Cute stuff that didn't fit-- this is where I'll babble about sweet things like Christmas and New Years in Japan...I didn't want to break the mood of Ai by sticking it in there-- so it exists alone.
MAYBE a one shot on Kakashi's PoV? I dunno.

What do you think?? What do you wanna see first?




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