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Tired of Lengthy descriptions? Here's a shorter version...

This is the place where you get a review on what happened in previous chapters, in case you forgot. *Winks* sometimes I take forever to update, so I figured it'd be a good idea... while re-reading the other chapters might reveal a few confusing areas and spurn more constructive criticism, it amused me to use my outline for something other than, well, writing the chapter. ^__^


In other words, these are my notes. In the chapters, I embellish, add odd remarks and ramble. These are just to remind me what it was I plan on doing, and contain the babble a little... not that it helps much.




The prologue says, “Love hurts.” It sets the stage for angst and hints at what is to come.

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Chapter One

Sene 1: Natsu Matsuri
1.  Naruto makes fools of three classmates. 
     2.  Sasuke pulls down Naruto’s pants. 
     3.  Naruto declares them rivals.
     4.  Sasuke walks off.

Quote: “Ladies, consider your night of dull tedium at its end,”

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Chapter Two

Scene 1: Naruto and Kakashi's House
     1.  Naruto oversleeps. 
     2.  Kakashi wakes him up & makes him stay to eat breakfast.

Scene 2: Minami Ko
     1.  Naruto and Sasuke are running late to class.
     2.  Naruto and Sasuke stare at each other.
     3.  Naruto and Sasuke sit next to each other
     4.  Naruto makes faces and understands math faster than Sasuke. 
Naruto sticks tongue out at Sasuke on way out and runs into door.

Scene 3: Dream Sequence
    1.  Blood. Unspecified Someone is dying. 
    2.  "I embrace you-- who I loved too much..."

Scene 4: Naruto's work and movie theater to see Spider Man 2
    1.  Shikamaru invites Naruto to go see a movie with him.
    2.  Meets up with Sasuke and a unspecified character.

“Or are you just slow for a genius? Too far behind to ever catch up, and not nearly good enough to--”

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Chapter Three


Scene 1: Movie Theater to See Spider Man 2

     1.  Naruto yells at Sasuke and Shikamaru.

     2.  Itachi creeps Naruto out. 

Scene 2: On the way home

     1.  Naruto asks Sasuke about the movie. Itachi watches.

     2.  Naruto goes home, where Kakashi is waiting.

     3.  Kakashi lectures on responsibility.

     4.  Naruto thinks about responsibility.


Quote: "Arg, I must be going crazy… did I just think of Sasuke and sex at the same time…?"

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Chapter Four


Scene 1: Minami ko

     1.  Naruto wonders why Sasuke went to a late-night movie.

     2.  Naruto is teamed up with Sasuke and Naruto.

     3.  Naruto invites Sakura to eat lunch with him.  

Scene 2: 7-11

     1.  Naruto meets an old man who strips.

Scene 3: Walking home

     1.  Naruto is walking home, and he sees Itachi. 


Chapter Five

Scene 1: Back in math class

     1.  Lee challenges Sasuke and tries to woo Sakura.

     2.  The trio becomes a pair. 


Scene 2: Language class 

     1.  Naruto takes notes on Betsuyaku's "Sloth Complex."

     2.  Naruto makes fun of Chouji.

     3.  Naruto continues to invite Sakura to lunch.

Scene 3: at work

      1.  Naruto is cleaning at work and checking people out.

        2.   Sasuke and a man come to buy things.

      3.  Sasuke chides Naruto and Naruto feels guilty.

Literary Style note:
Introduction of italics used in mid-word. Introduction of partly poetic sections.
Quote: "And Sasuke's just a. . .prick. A fucked up prick."

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Chapter Six

Scene One: Math class

  1.  Naruto asks about Itachi.
  2. Naruto gets knocked into Sasuke, which forces them to kiss.

Scene Two: Lunch-time

  1. Naruto looks for Sasuke.
  2. Naruto tries to apologize, but it doesn't work that well.
  3. Naruto exits abruptly.

Scene Three: Walking home (Sasuke's PoV)

  1. Sasuke is walking home and sees Itachi hurting someone.
  2. Sasuke reflects on Naruto and his family.
  3. Itachi accompanies Sasuke to the train station.

Scene Four: Walking home (Sakura's PoV)

  1. Ino and Sakura are walking home from school.
  2. Sakura reflects on her feelings for Sasuke.
  3. Sakura thinks that she's lost to Naruto.

Chapter Seven


Scene One: Home Room meeting

  1. Iruka explains that there will be a community service event during break.
  2. Naruto voices his dream again.

Scene Two : At work

  1. Naruto meets his new co-worker, Kabuto.
  2. Kabuto is nice to Naruto, and lets Naruto talk to Shikamaru.
  3. Naruto takes a liking to Kabuto.

Scene Three: Working Together

  1. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto are assigned to the same area for community service.
  2. They go pick up trash.

Scene Four: Flashback

  1. Child Naruto runs away from home and meets a pretty "lady."
  2. Child Naruto witnesses "White" and White's precious person's death.

Scene Five: The Snake Enters

  1. Naruto wakes up and is confronted by a snake.
  2. Sakura and Sasuke seem disturbed, and they go home.

Scene Six: At home

  1. Naruto discovers that the "Naked Man" is really Jiraiya.
  2. Naruto blacks out.

Literary Style Notes:
Poetry-in-text is continued. Unexpected italics continued. Switching PoV is explored to characterize various people.
"He’ll drown in his dreams before he ever leaves this hell-hole. . .

. . .because that’s what happens to heroes and idiots all. That’s what comes about when a child is allowed to dream."

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Chapter Eight
Scene One: School rooftop during lunch.
     1. Naruto goes to talk to Sasuke.
     2. Sasuke feeds Naruto.
     3. Naruto challenges Sasuke to mountain climbing.
Scene Two: The journey to Haguro
     1. An old woman comments on Naruto's foreign appearances.
     2. The two disagree about family's role.
         a. Naruto believes that family is always there
         b. This makes Sasuke laugh
     3. Naruto demands that Sasuke make up a story about the shrine.
Scene Three: (not an actual scene change) The kitsune story (told by Sasuke and sometimes Naruto)
     1. The fox-spirit kitsune is introduced.
     2. The monk is introduced.
     3. The fox asks the monk a question about haiku-- the monk answers correctly.
     4. The fox tells the monk that he will die.
     5. The fox journeys to prevent the monk's death.
     6. One of the two gives the other a white flower.
     7. The fox's hardships are in vain-- the monk dies anyways.
Scene Four: (not an actual scene change): Continuing on to the to.
    1. The two continue on.
    2. Naruto declares that Sasuke's family still loves him.
Scene Five: (not a scene change, but change of PoV): Sasuke's PoV
     1. Naruto doesn't follow Sasuke to the top.
     2. Sasuke loses track of Naruto
     3. Naruto finds a white flower to leave as an offering
     4. Sasuke leads the two home.
Literary notes: a story within a story is told. There is a slight continuation of poetry-in-text. The "shifting narrator" concept is further explored.
Quote: “He doesn’t have anything on his face!”

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Chapter Nine
Scene One: School rooftop (Sasuke PoV)
     1.  Naruto throws food at Sasuke to get the boy to share his lunch again.
     2.  Sasuke invites Naruto to his house.
Scene Two: The way to Sasuke's house
     1.  Naruto is so late that they have to run to catch the train.
     2.  Sasuke ponders the "respect" shown to Uchiha family members.
Scene Three: Reaching Sasuke's house
     1.  Naruto is disturbed by the lack of noise in the Uchiha household.
     2.  He gets in a mock fight with Sasuke.
     3.  They start to practice calligraphy when Itachi enters.
     4.  Itachi teases Sasuke about Naruto's worth.
     5.  Naruto writes the kanji for "fate."
     6.  Naruto leaves the brothers to clean up, and gets "lost."
     7.  Sasuke takes Naruto back to the train station.

Chapter Ten

Scene One: At Naruto's house
     1.  Sasuke remarks on Naruto's studies. 
     2.  Naruto discovers that Sasuke's favorite food is "tomato curry."
     3.  Sasuke and Naruto cook.

Scene Two: Eating Curry and Fighting
     1.  Kakashi introduces himself to Sasuke.
     2.  During lunch, Naruto and Kakashi argue.
     3.  Naruto and Sasuke fight.
     4.  Kakashi interrupts the fight and makes them "play" (videogames) instead.

Scene Three: buying groceries
     1.  Kabuto and Sasuke meet.
     2.  The boys meet the cat that Naruto has taken care of since he was seven.

Chapter Eleven

Scene One: kissing Naruto

     1.  They return to Naruto’s house, and kiss in the entryway.

     2.  Naruto “faints.”


Scene Two: Dreams 
    1. Naruto dreams of Orochimaru fighting Sasuke and Sakura in the forest. 


Scene Three: waking up
     1.  Naruto wakes up and finds himself in Sasuke's arms.

     2.  Sasuke hands Naruto to Kakashi.

     3.  Kakashi doesn't want Naruto to accompany Sasuke home.

     4.  Naruto argues that it's his responsibility.


Scene Four: to the train station

     1.  Naruto walks Sasuke to the train station.

     2.  Sasuke takes Naruto’s hand, but Naruto removes his hand.

     3.  Sasuke ignores Naruto.

     4.  Naruto gets mad at Sasuke.


 Scene Five: at work

     1.  Naruto complains about Sasuke to Kabuto.

     2.  A girl starts fangirling over Sasuke.

     3.  Keisuke comes up to Naruto and gossips about Sasuke.

Literary techniques:

Switching PoV shows some of Sasuke's thoughts and hides Naruto's.

Imagery is at a high. Another dream sequence is used to conveniently explain things. Look out for foreshadowing.

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Chapter Twelve


  1. Kakashi PoV

2. Naruto returns home to find Jiraiya at his house.

  1. Sasuke and Naruto plan for their school trip

                                                               i.      The two boys are about to go to Naruto’s work after school.

  1. Keisuke approaches Naruto


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