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UPDATE: I was talking to Meghan, and she was coming up with all sorts of ideas that people might think of, and it occured to me...some of them, I really couldn't write very well.
So. I reserve the right to ask you to change your request...though I'm more likely to send you an email/note/something asking you all sorts of questions.

"Official" rules


Monday, August 29, 2005.

Have it to me before 12:00 noon (central time). If it’s not done by then, just email me and I’ll praise your efforts, give you any comments I can think of (you know I'm long-winded...I'll probably have a lot to say), but you won’t be considered part of the entering.

Try your best, hmm?

Basic procedure:

  1. Draw me a picture.
  2. It must somehow relate to Something of Love: Ai no Koto.
  3. You must tell me how it relates (Please be explicit).
  4. Get the picture to me. Do this through email, comment in live journal, comment in guest book, comment through ff.net, and either leave a link to a place the picture is hosted, or attach the picture.


There will be judges. I am one of them. Rachel is the other one (and Meghan's needs to be convinced) and if necessary I'll ask other friends to decide upon "tie break."


The top three people get a story of their choice written for them.

Rules for story are as follows:

  1. Ten page maximum. I'm not starting a new novel right now...and I already have a few novel ideas, anyways.
  2. I don't write PWP.
  3. I can write poetic sex-- but not without a purpose. I don't do descriptive sex scenes. They're boring.
  4. Pairings are optional, and up to the person entering.
  5. I don't care about the setting...This covers the "when" and the "where" BTW. (Ex. The story can be in the "real" Naruto universe when the kids are 18, it can be Ai universe (and current timeline), set after Ai's done when the boys are 20, in a new universe altogether, whatever works for you.)

A good suggestion for a prize would be:

I want you to write me a story for Naruto. I want GaaraxNaruto in America. The boys are in high school (age 17) and there's a test coming up. The boys are already together. I want you to write them having sex because the moon's full and Gaara's a werewolf, and Naruto's trying to get him to become human again so they can study for a test.

The series I'm willing to cover:

  • Naruto (naturally)
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Prince of Tennis
  • Hikaru no Go
  • Gundam Wing
  • One Piece
  • Gravitation
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball

Other notes:

I'd like to archive your submissions on this site. But tell me if you don't want it up, and I'll respect your wishes. (But you will be listed as a contestant).

Go on. Amuse me. I'll smile and glomp you in return.



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