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Redefining the Topic

Well, I've come back to my previous brainstorming, and only a few of my proposed topics interest me. Not surprising. I'd hate to write all the topics I thought of for Itachi; it's very, very time consuming, and labor-intensive to write one essay, let alone ten.
Speculation essay. As the "Norton Sampler" defines, it an "essay that defines."
  1. WHY Itachi does what he does.
  2. Itachi's relation to A) Orochimaru B) Haku. Their relation to the "Naruto theme".
  3. How Sasuke/Itachi would likely react to sexual advances on Itachi's part.

How to approach this?
Well, I don't know how to approach a "speculation essay," and I'm not really sure what the point of it would be. So, I'll cut that idea, seeing as the point of an essay is to present something to the reader.
My essay will be more along the lines of defining who Itachi is. Probably a lot of imagery, and manga/anime-based facts.
How do I wanna do this? I dunno yet, but while I think about it, why don't you examine different essay styles?

Genre: definitons

As interesting as it is to define things, maybe the essay I'm trying to write has less to do with "revealing" facts than I thought at first. While considering the type of essay I'm writing, I also need to remember my goals for writing. One of my goals has always been-- and probably will continue to be --to make people feel. That suggests not an extended definition, but an essay tailored to man's emotions.
Such an essay style doesn't really have a name, but Cooley refers to them as essays that "appeal to emotion and ethics," under Persuasion and Argumentation. (xiv)

Genre: persuasion

Okay, so it's a work in process. Give me time, people, and then come back. ^__^


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