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Gokujou Naruto


Namahage Naruto

October 3, 2005.
I'm almost done with the first  of the reward fics.
I updated Ai, on ff.net.
Footnotes updated, too. Chapter 1 Footnotes
August 29, 2005.
The art contest's officially closed, I finished Chapter Thirteen, and I wrote footnotes. It's been a productive day (and, I did most of my notes for psyc!)
Behind Closed Doors  (fan art page)
I'll get back to you guys as soon as I'm done judging with Meghan and Rachel...
July 26, 2005
July 24, 2005 [later]
I got sad. I went to find my old fictions on "Spandex and Braids" fic forum...so I gathered what I could find of my old fictions, and put them here.
If you were ever curious about what I wounded like as a freshman in HS (writing wise) go check it out.
July 24, 2005
This is a really fun pattern...update Ai every two days. ^_^ ; ; ; that's gonna turn around and bite me, though, I'm thinking...'cause it's getting closer to my sister's wedding, and I'm running out of pre-written sections (and the part I'm working on writing has Itachi in it...this means I'll be avoiding it for a bit, probably...the dude's creepy as hell to think about...).
July 22, 2005
You can really tell that I'm only touching up these sections...otherwise, there's no way I'd be able to update this quick. ^_^ There are maybe three more "ready made" bits that I need to get around to editing after this...then it'll be back to "unpredictably Taes" style updates.
July 20, 2005
Yay! I have no headache!!
...kinda hungry, though...
Anyways! Newly submitted fanart for Ai.
Worked on:
It's a lot faster than I thought...the horrid editing, I mean. ^_^
July 18,
My head still hurts. But it's a new headache, this time.
I decided to edit, 'cause I'm getting seriously far ahead of the majority of my audience in the actual writing...and I don't wanna edit it all in one sitting...
Keep sending me pics, people. ^_^ I'm still looking forward to all of you who promised me one. *Very happy*
July 13,
My head hurts. -__-
July 12, 2005
I got a neat art picture from White Lotus! Yay! The rest of you who're interested in joining the fun, start drawing, and send it to me whenever you're done. I'll send a happy reply to you. ^_^
July 10, 2005
I've made up a contest. Go look at the top of this page and read about it.
It's been six days and I have an update...yay. The beginning of Chp. 7, footnotes, and outline. Talk to me...I'm feeling kinda low on inspiration...
Oh! And I finally remembered to work on my Itachi thing...discovery draft.
July 4, 2005
I finally finished the footnotes (here). The chapter (here) and the outline (here). Go look-- at least to see the pics!
July 1, 2005
I've gone and created the main pages for footnotes, Chapter Six, and updated the outline version of Ai. The actual chapter will be coming...until then, I'm not really publishing this. ^_^ I'm going to go design a special fox-like border for the pages of these sections...should be fun!
...I guess this is an update that won't really be an update when I finally publish this...^^ ;
June 22, 2005
I'm really spontaneous in updating this, aren't I? Anyways, I finished Chapter Five! Go read it here. Read the outline version here. View footnote pics here. Read my random discovery draft for Itachi here.
June 11, 2005
It's my b-day on Monday. Send me mail...? Please?
Updated the in-progres Chapter Five again. ^_^ So. Read it here and catch the outline here and see the (not really necessary) footnote here.
Also, send Meghan a review of some kind...? She's a sweet, kind, beautiful editor-person as well as translator, and she needs your praise. Please help her out, ne?
June 8, 2005
Updated the in-progress Chapter Five, which can be found here, updated the foonotes (here), and the story outline (here). Drop me a line and tell me what you think!

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