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More pictures

Another washitsu, with a low rise table, futon, and the balcony/porch-thing.

Giff from "Irashai"
How to fold your futon...
Starts with an extra mattress Naruto wouldn't have, then the actual futon (sheets on), & a blanket.

Made futon.
A made futon. The makura has a pillow case on it. It's a lot smaller than western pillows.

Fancy butsudan with offerings up and everything, and a view of the room it's set in.

When you aren't using the butsudan, you close the doors.

Another picture of a closed butsudan.

Shrine. Look at the candy and stuffed animals! ^_^
A simpler, more modern shrine that my host parents had in their house. Essentials, not as ornate.


Examples of what you put inside of the butsudan. Incence holder, gongs, candles, and other stuff.

More ornate version of picture above. Essentially the same thing.

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