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Uchiha Itachi

Instructions: pick a topic, and start writing down whatever you think. No real rules. Just do it... see what themes you have.
kinda boring compared to others (Orochimaru, for instance, or Kimimaru... or Kisame...)
He can be of use. He made Sasuke insane.
...creepy, but I relate to him. -__- ;;
Oldest son. Don't relate to that.
"You must do this!!" <-- can relate to that
The Uchiha clan (ichizoku. ICHIzoku. One. Family. One family= clan)
Therefore, one family, everyone must be the same.
Japanese people LIKE when everyone's the same.
Itachi is like me... thinks that if you're the same, then you can't get any better.
Not so much to "Measure (his) strength" as to get back at his family for trying to...
Put him in a box.
Death is final.
Itachi killed people.
Kind, or not?
He cared about Sasuke, maybe...
Instructions: write down your topic on a notecard. Turn it over, and for one minute, write everything that comes to mind.
After that minute's up, review your list. Select one thing that you wrote down, and write it down on a second note card.
Choose another thing from the second card, and write it down on a third card, and repeat the process one last time.
See where your thoughts took you. Choose whatever topic you like best, or whatever PoV you think you can support best/be most interested in.
(I like this one, 'cause it gets you in an interesting spot...)
Notecard 1: Uchiha Itachi
  • He reminds me of a feret
  • Ferets are sneaky?
  • In Japanese, maybe magical...
  • He's insane.
  • WHY did he do it??
  • Much speculation.
  • Also, is he gay??
  • Many girls say "yeah"
  • (They) write Itasasu stories... Sasuke's always...hurt. Conufsed.
  • I dunno.
  • The feret... always get pics of it wehen google Itachi. -__- ;; irritates me.
  • The more we know, the more q's we get.
Magical Itachi
  • Mangekyou Sharingan!
  • Reminds me of Orochimaru.
  • Give up much for the sake of power
  • More for curiousity?
  • Who the hell is Shisui??
  • ...not even speculation on him. -__- ;;
  • Does being able to use a lot of magic mean "powerful"?
  • No... Like Haku said, when people try and protect others, that's when they become really strong.
Reminds me of Orochimaru.
  • Orochimaru is cooler.
  • BIASED me... :o)
  • Itachi is rather "familiar" wile I haven't even seen someone like Orochimaru
  • Flowers.
  • Gave one to someone I didn't know today.
  • In Japan, I wonder if flowers have a special meaning?
  • Itachi seems dead. Dull.
  • BORED with life... Orochimaru tries to prove things (like to Sarutobi) and make things interesting.
  • Itachi only cared about his own thoughts
  • WHY Sasuke?

What I gained from listing...
Main ideas I remember 20 minutes later...
  1. Relation of me to Itachi
  2. Japanese culture to Itachi's chara
  • Put him in a box.
  •    Reactions to this

Possible topics:

  1. How Itachi is similar to other anime characters.
  2. Character analysis
  3. WHY he does what he does speculation









What I gained from Chain-ing...
Possible topics...
  1. Itachi's relation to Haku and Orochimaru, and how they all tie into the "Naruto theme."
  2. Shisui's importance to the series.
  3. Speculation on Japanese culture's influence on the anime/manga
  4. The possibility of sexual relations between Sasuke and Itachi.
  5. How Sasuke would likely react to sexual advances from his brother.
  6. Ferets in Japanese culture, and how they relate to Itachi.


Possible hypothesis-es to be considered when I feel like it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Then I'll choose one (or maybe two or three...) of those to write a scratch outline to get my thoughts organized, and start to write the discovery draft after that...

Notice the lack of real sentences. Notice the lists. Notice the train of thought... are you bored yet? ^__^ this is the hard part.

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