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Uchiha Itachi

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Itachi collage from manga.

Uchiha Itachi


Original brainstorming and hypothesis-es. This is where I get "broad ideas" for possible topics.

Narrow it down

This is where I pick a few topics that interest me, and further my ideas on them, including the "Scratch outline" that will help me write the discovery draft.

Discovery Draft. I discover if my working "thesis" (the hypothesis) works or not, and get my ideas on paper, not worying so much about style and order. From here is "global revision."
Draft II, I refine my thesis, reorganize, cross out what doesn't need to be there, focus ont he main points, and generally rewrite the first draft.
Draft III, if necessary, continue to edit out unnecessary parts, and flush out the important ones. This is where the "local" editing, the grammar, spelling, and mechanics of editing take place.
Final Draft

The pictures used are from manga chapter 145 page 11, chapter 146 page 2, and 148 page 1. I colored, edited and arranged them. If you honestly want it, ask me, and I'll probably let you  use it. Dunno why you'd want it, though...


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